V & Jungkook unit soon!

lundi 19 avril 71504 Partages

V & Jungkook unit soon!

V and Jungkook from BTS have confessed that they will do a duet for the next album! The entire internet is shaking after this news, "taekook" as they are called, haven't had any song yet, compare to "Friends" by V and Jimin or Who from Lauv and Jungkook and Jimin or even "Even if I die it's you" from Jin and V! it's going to be phenomenon!

As they said, the song isn't ready yet. They want it to be perfect for their soulmate Samia. So, they are working very hard.

The question is, are they going to have other subunit? Let's find out when the album will came out!

Stay tune.