Strange Appearance

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Strange Appearance

On the morning of the 12th of April, something strange was seen by a few civilians in New York. Some even caught it on camera. The video showed an orange portal appear from thin air and a man with a red cape stepping out of it, looking around, then stepping back into the portal and disappearing. The portal disappeared a few seconds after the man did. The police is on the place and they still don't know what it was. They are currently working with scientist the try and understand what happened.

Reporter Maddison Stewart New York Times

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    il faisait sa grosse commission dans les pots de fleur C'est à Cessieres ce mardi 3 mars qu'un jeune homme de 22ans fût surpris par la gendarmerie qui faisait sa ronde, il était entrain de se soulager dans les pots de fleur de son quartier. Un jeune sans antécédents bien connut du village le maire a déclaré qu'il ne souhaitait pas engager de procédure judiciaire

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